Can ayurveda help to treat children with autism?

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Mar 30, 2017: Autism is a neurodevelopmental illness that affects an innocent child. It normally occurs during the influential years, between 2-3 years of age. It includes a number of psychological disorders that depict impairment in social skills and communication.

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Autism generates unwillingness to participating in activities and there are some behavior, gestures and actions that become repetitive.  It generally hampers normal functioning of the brain owing to irregular bio-chemistry that stops children from absorbing and organizing information in an accurate manner.

Ayurveda and autism

Ayurveda says that autism takes place due to the overall imbalances that occur in the vata dosha. This becomes all the more prominent in the sub category of vata dosha known as prana vata which is wedged in the mind.

The prana vata helps in governing the entire cerebral activities like learning, concentration, neurological responses, memory etc. This disequilibrium occurs at the level of the brain that includes medha and mind.

Typically energy level troubles are treated through rays and radiation. The unbalanced pace at the medha level may be controlled through vibration and sound. Biochemical inequities are handled by supplying medicines or dravya level while behavioral problems can be cured at an exercise level with particular education.

Ayurveda provides both internal as well as external treatments for children with autism which really helps in improving eye-to-eye contact and communication level. Ayurveda also helps to enhance other linked problems like metabolism, immunity while decreasing hyperactivity etc.

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Ayurvedic remedies for autism among kids

  • There is a sustaining dietary routine that needs to be followed. Ayurveda regards food or ahara to be a main foundation that affects life force or prana shakti. A stern vata diet is to be followed by child.
  • It is recommended that you use olive oil to prepare food for your child. This oil infuses in nerve tissues and brain and aids in extracting lipid soluble chemicals. This detoxifying consequence helps in nourishing the brain cells as well as tissues, thus mending the damage caused by the state.
  • Give the kid diluted fresh juice of pomegranate. Sweet juices need to be processed with the help of a masticating juicer and ask your kids to drink throughout the day. Some of the mixture juices for autism include pineapple and pawpaw, grape and carrot, mango and pawpaw, apple and litchi and apple and grape.
  • The kid must sustain from chemically processed foods such as colas, chips, chocolates, etc. Also, soya products are a complete no-no. Majority of the children respond to a casein-free diet (dairy products such as milk, cheese etc) and a gluten-free (wheat, barley, rye etc.) diet.

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