Can Shatavari herb help women get pregnant?

By TNT Bureau

Jan 10, 2017: A research study has claimed that ayurveda can help women get pregnant faster, with the help of a herb called Shatavari.

The study said that Shatavari can help women get pregnant who are trying to conceive. Many women, after a certain age, find it difficult to concieve or are diagnosed with infertility. Scientists associat it with stress, unhealthy lifestyle habits, among other things.

Studies are being conducted on the ayurvedic herb Shatavari, which is known to help treat infertility and help women get pregnant.

Shatavari helps treat hormonal imbalances that occur in women, which is one of the main reasons for infertility. Shatavari also helps to improve the follicular maturity levels and minimise menstrual irregularities, which help to conceive. This herb can also reduce the stress hormones produced in a woman’s body. It can stimulate the production of more cervical mucous, and when there is a healthy secretion of cervical mucous, there is a better chance of the sperm reaching the egg with ease, thus promoting a faster pregnancy.

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