Can yoga make you tall?

By TNT Bureau

Jan 9, 2017: Yoga is regarded as one of the most effective exercises. However, can yoga make you tall? Well, according to a recent study practising the right yoga on a daily basis can actually increase your height.

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The UCLA’s Gail Greenberg study on yoga scanned some participants and most of the participants showed an increase in height. It is believed that yoga postures help in stretching each and every area of your body. This in turn helps to release the built up toxins that often causes a number of health issues. When all such toxins get released from the body, our hormones as well as cells start to grow and function in a healthy way. This can lead to increase in height in a steady and effective manner.

Pay attention to correct form

It is extremely important that you pay heed to the correct yoga posture if you wish to receive desirable benefits. If you are willing to increase height with yoga, it is necessary that you practise the correct poses. Additionally, you should perform the yoga poses each day without fail.

Correct form is the main focus here. It is indeed the key to receive the varied benefits that yoga has on offer. If you are a beginner, it is highly recommend to seek proper guidance from a well trained yoga instructor who has the expertise and knowledge to show you exactly how the pose is done.

You can also catch hold of guides and training videos online that showcases the different yoga poses. Learning yoga exercises at home is also encouraged but it is suggested to have someone may be a family member or a friend who can see to it that you are doing the yoga poses in a correct manner.

Strengthening spine and back

There are some yoga poses that are specially crafted for strengthening the back and spine. These moves may not help you grow taker but will definitely aid in posture enhancement. This in turn can make you appear considerably taller.

Besides this, the flow of blood within the body also improves and harmful toxins get cleared from the digestive system. This helps in increasing fluid amount that is found around the spines which contributes in improving the spine and surrounding cartilage.

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Accelerating growth hormone

Growth hormones are present inside our bodies and many actually believe that height stops to grow after puberty. However, the growth hormones can actually be activated through yoga poses helping you gain an extra inch or two.

One of the best ways to relax the body is through deep breathing exercises often taught during yoga sessions. It is believed that when our body is fully at peace, the growth hormones get enhanced.

Along with deep breathing, laughter is also essential says Dr Bernie Siegal. Laughter is yet another effective way to get rid of tensions and stress from the body and mind. Hence, Siegal suggests that when you practise yoga do call upon a good friend and share some good laughter.

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