Consume warm foods to balance your digestive fire

By TNT Bureau

 Oct 6, 2017: Usually, during winters we tend to eat more, sleep longer and move slower. This is the body’s way of staying warm during winters, says ayurveda.

During cold weather agni or digestive fire intensifies in order to process winter foodsthat are higher in proteins, fats and carbohydrates. When agni is balanced, it incorporates nutrients from winter foods such as nuts and milk, and creates a protective layer of warmth against cold weather.

A weak agni leads to weariness, congestion, lowered immunity, dyspepsia, poor circulation, painful joints, and stress.You should limit consumption of sweets and dairy that may cause congestion. Further, it is suggested to space your meals at least three hours apart, eating your heaviest meal at noon, when agni is strongest.

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Consuming warm winter foods helps to boost energy and facilitates mental clarity. Although your body can deal with heavy foods, eating excess can dampen the digestive fires.

Consume warm herbs and spices

In order to balance agni, add warming herbs and spices such asclove, ginger, cardamom, mustard seed, fennel, thyme, etc. Agni-stoking spices make an ideal addition to conventional wintertime foods like porridge, mulled cider, tea and savory stews.

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