Cut carbohydrate-rich foods to prevent cancer risk, says study

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July 11, 2017: Over the past few years more and more attention is being brought to the role of carbohydrate-rich foods along with comparisons between healthy and unhealthy carbs. A recent study points out a vital reason to avoid processed foods, sugary beverage and other related foods that are rich in carbs. It says you may actually prevent cancer risk by cutting carbohydrate-rich foods from your diet.

One of the main significant findings here is that the kind of carbohydrate-containing foods you eat can affect your cancer risk. While healthy sources of carbs like legumes provide protection against cancer, non-healthy ones like sugary beverages and junks increase cancer risks.

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Significant details of the study

The research is based on the medical records of 3,100 volunteers that has been tracked down since early 1970s. The researchers started off by tracking diets of these participants through thorough food frequency survey that initiated in 1991. For the study, Makarem, the head researcher along with her team categorized all the food sources by glycemic index which is a measure of nutritional carbohydrate value based on a the relative impact of foods on blood sugar levels as contrasted to reference foods.

Next, they examined the results in relation to cancer rates pertaining to each participant. After taking into relation numerous cancer risk factors, the research showed that consuming foods with a higher glycemic load was linked with 88% higher prostate cancer risk. Prostate cancer is not only a common cancer type but also the second leading cause of cancer-related death among the male population.

Makarem said that the study revealed extremely strong links between particular foods and cancer, especially prostate cancer. There have been fewer amounts of studies with regards to food sources and prostate cancer before, she further added.

The risk boost was most marked for people who frequently ate sugary beverages or processed foods, a group that consists of sugar-sweetened soft drinks as well as fruit juices, which can be of course high in sugar and frequently consist of added sugars.

What foods to consume?

The study found that foods such as lentils, peas and beans were linked with 32% less obesity and cancer risks that include colorectal, breast and prostate cancers.

By nature of the research design, the findings highlight only to links, not essentially to cause-and-effect. However, the results are in line with earlier studies, which have revealed that malignant cancer cells appear to feed on sugar, and that diets rich in refined carbohydrates may result in a range of unfavorable health effects mainly due to their impacts on the dysregulation of insulin and glucose and body fatness, both these factors are known to boost cancer risk.

Makarem said that the existing cancer prevention guidelines suggest avoiding sugary drinks and restricting the consumption of energy-dense foods that are rich in refined carbohydrates.

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One warning that Makarem noted is that the participants associated with the study were 99% Caucasian. Nonetheless, further study is required to conclude if these links will prove to be true in more ethnically-diverse groups.

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