Dabur to introduce ayurvedic medicines for diabetes and malaria

By TNT Bureau

Feb 26, 2016: Now that ayurveda segment in India has heated up with new competitors like Ayush by HUL and Patanjali by Ramdev Baba, Dabur is now turning to ayurveda for strengthening its portfolio.

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Catching up with the competition

Dabur is all set to join hands with the Indian government to receive the licence agreement for producing 2 ayurvedic medicines: one for treating diabetes and the other for treating malaria.

Dabur is getting ready to introduce these ayurvedic drugs which will be obtainable in a variety of formats. It is being said that these healthcare products will be available for sale in the market in the next 6 months.

Whilst Ayush-82 can be used in blood sugar management, Ayush-64 can be used for both treatment and prevention of malaria.

The healthcare research of Dabur said Dr JLN Sastry said that almost

50% of India?s population resides in areas infested with malaria. With the introduction of such ayurvedic drugs malaria can be stopped with in the most reasonable manner, he continued.

Sastry further said that these ayurvedic drugs are not over-the-counter medicines and thus, doesn?t require to be prescribed by a doctor. The constituents of these medicines are extremely simple too.  These ayurvedic medicines are made up of ingredients such as mango seeds, Himalayan herbs like chirayita and kutki , jamun, karela etc.

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Some vital information

It was Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences or (CCRAS) who developed the ayurvedic formulation for these medicines. CCRAS is an independent administration under the Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy or Ayush.

Whist majority of the Indian companies were supposed to be in competition for commercialisation of these ayurvedic medicines, Dabur was able to settle the deal owing to its greenhouses in the Himalayas that grows uncommon herbs that will be used in the production of these ayurvedic medicines.

The associate director of Dabur Abneesh Roy said that even though commercialisation of such contracts may take another year or so however such schemes by Dabur will definitely help in strengthening the portfolio of the company.

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