Dance your way to weight loss

By TNT Bureau

Apr 25, 2017: Many experts agree that dancing is the best and fun way to lose weight. Most forms of dance styles help in improving the cardio vascular endurance of the body as they work out on different parts of the body. Dancing helps people de-stress. However, if you want to use dance as the way t lose weight, then you must follow the proper warm up techniques like dynamic and ballistic stretches. Here are some dance forms that can help you lose weight.

Contemporary style

Contemporary dance style helps contraction of muscles and also use up a lot of energy, as there are a lot of leaps and jumps. This form of dance also makes each part of the body move, making them more flexible. Contemporary style, in fact, provides full body workout. It works on all body muscles, helping in muscle development.

Hip hop

Hip hop is another dance style that help whole body workout. This dance form works out the leg and arm muscles. Krumping works on the legs, arms, upper body and thigh, while b-boying and stunts work on the core muscle. In this style, the dancer has to contract his leg muscles and prop the upper body by using the strength of their core muscles.

Belly dancing

Belly dancing is so good to reduce belly fat. It is the complete ab workout. This dance form moves your hips and belly, and also work on knee and strengthens the legs.


Zumba is also recommended for weight loss. In this dance form you have to move non-stop, which elevates the heart rate, and helps burn fat and lose weight.


Bharatnatyam is a good way to improve posture. It involves leg work, and aligns the body. It strengthens the lower body.

Pole dancing

Pole dancing is a complete fitness regime. It enables a core workout, and makes up for not doing sit ups or crunches. It is an ab workout as well. It is a great cardio workout, and helps the body to tone up.

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