Digital health devices enter 1/3 of American households

By TNT Bureau

Dec 4, 2015: According to a study from Parks Associates Dallas, one third of American households with broadband consist of digital health devices such as smart watches and FiitBit. Most importantly, these heath oriented devices are being used in an efficient manner and have actually produced positive results. This means you should also invest in such devices for better health.

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Around 5, 000 homes with broadband services in the US were surveyed and it was found that ownership of fitness devices elevated to 33% in October 2015, up from 26% the last year. The participants were between the ages of 25 to 44.

This finding proves to be good news for companies like Valencell that are in a look out to introduce mobile health devices.  To top it all, there still lies an enormous market opportunity as only 10% homes own connected wellness trackers and merely 4% households won smart watches.

Director of Mobile and Health Products Research at Park Associates Harry Wang said, ?Digital fitness tracker is the fastest growing category in the connected health device market, with Fitbit the clear leader with more than 50 percent market share, and its early 2015 acquisition of FitStar will help the company expand its wellness services.?

He added, ?Attrition of fitness tracker usage, a closely watched metric, is not as bad as the industry once perceived, at least not among existing users.?

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However, the digital health devices will have an impact for a long period of time or not is still not confirmed.  There is simply no doubt that US people have started to rely on technology for healthcare management. But, the main issue is that majority of them are not fully aware about fitness benefits offered by the devices.

Hence, time will tell whether the digital health devices will prove to be beneficial in the long run or not. Also, adequate information about these fitness gadgets should be given to the people in a proper fashion.

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