Does standing help to reduce obesity?

By TNT Bureau

June 29, 2017: A study published in the Washington Post said that standing for at least a quarter per day helps to reduce obesity. However, the cause and effect of the finding aren?t quite clear.

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The study found out that such standing has huge advantages, with smallest effect size around 32%. It said that men who stand for quarter of each day were 32% less likely to become overweight than those men who sit most of the time.

The cited study which appeared in Mayo Clinic Proceedings drew an unpretentious conclusion saying standing for more than quarter of the time is related to reduced odds of elevated adiposity.

The research team continued to propose a suggestion that interprets correlational proof as fundamental proof and came to the conclusion that illness prevention can be a remedy against chronic sitting.

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The scientific proof contains information from participants who enrolled in Cooper Center Longitudinal Study. Here, each of them was asked as to how much they stand on a daily basis. Additionally, they were measured on a variety of obesity grounds such as waist circumference, BMI and so forth. It was seen that certain obesity grounds were inversely related to the standing time.

This information can be taken into two ways- standing for long reduces obesity and being overweight leads to more sitting than standing. There are number of approaches of concluding the results of the findings but it can be rightly said that when people stand for a long period of time per day, there is less possibility of obesity related diseases to occur.

In this debate, it was argued that waiters are needed to stand a lot in their profession and an average waiter weighs less than a typical man. Nonetheless, this statement is vague and can?t be related or justified fully.

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