Don’t rely on health apps completely, warn doctors

By TNT Bureau

Oct 12, 2017: With the increased usage of health apps, Indian doctors and health experts are now warning people not to rely on health apps completely since some may contain wrong or unnecessary information.

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The experts are of the opinion that there are some health apps that recommend wrong diet to a user without having true knowledge about the metabolism of the concerned user which may lead to severe health problems.

A serious warning

A leading diabeteologist Pradeep Gadge said that a number of health apps can’t be relied upon and are actually present just to make revenue in the market. There are health apps that claim to calculate blood pressure by simply placing your thumb onto the screen. Such methods mislead the general public to a great extent.

Elaborating his statement Gadge said that the blood pressure results after calculating through health apps are different always when you calculate it manually.

There are circumstances the users of varied health apps depending on it for the overall calories burnt throughout the day together with a number of other things, without even understanding that such apps are merely pre-set and do not give out any genuine results.

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The health experts are saying that there are more than 50,000 hea;th applications currently in the market and this number is projected to grow.

At present, there are about 500 million people across the world are using health apps for fitness purposes. People desire immediate results and further they pursue their own methods to lose weight via apps or some techniques rather than opting for the natural method or the method recommended by doctors.

In spite of the reputation and promise of the health app, some doctors are rather skeptical about using most of them. People need to recognize that health guidelines for people differ.

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