Eat 14 grams almonds daily to maintain health

By TNT Bureau

June 29, 2017: According to a study conducted in University of Florida in the US, we should eat 14 grams almonds daily to maintain health. The researchers are of the opinion that consuming a sensible amount of almonds on a daily basis can augment the diets of adults and young children.
One of the chief researchers Alyssa Burns said, “Almonds are a good source of plant protein — essential fatty acids, vitamin E and magnesium.?

So, with the festive season just around the corner when your home is actually loaded with good amount of dry fruits, it is ideal that you start eating almonds and encourage the same to your family members. In this way, you will definitely get to bring about healthy changes and enjoy life to the fullest.

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Important details of the study

For the study which was conducted for a period of 14 weeks, the researchers asked 29 pairs of children and parents to eat almonds every day. Majority of the adults were mothers between the ages of 30 to 35 years. On the other hand, the children were between 3 and 6 years of age.
The adults were asked to eat 14 grams of almonds daily while the kids were given 14 grams of almond butter on a daily basis.

In order to measure the correct diet quantity as well as quality, the researchers decided on using an online dietary recall. In this way, the researchers were able to find authentic information and use the same for their ongoing research.

The researchers based their conclusions about enhanced nutritional consumption on participants’ totality on the Healthy Eating Index (HEI). This is a universal tool that is used to calculate the quality of diet. At the same time, the tool is also focused on the adherence as laid down by the dietary guidelines for Americans 2010.

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What did the research reveal?

After the period of 14 weeks was over, the results showed that when both adults and young children ate almonds on a daily basis, there were noticeable changes in their HEI. It was seen that their HEI increased for plant and seafood proteins, fatty acids and overall protein foods. Additionally, the results revealed that they were very few empty calories among the participants, both young and adults.

It is a mere fact that for almost all components a higher total reflects higher diet quality. Hence, when both the kids and parents consumed almonds each day, their HEI total increased from 53.7 to 61.4.

Furthermore, Burns noted that when parents and kids started to consume at least 14 grams of almonds on a daily basis, their daily intake of magnesium and vitamin E increased in an efficient and steady manner. The findings of the study were published in the journal Nutrition Research.

So, what you waiting for? Start shopping for almonds today and strive towards a life filled with good and prosperous health all the way. And yes, 14 grams is the main focus here. Anything less than that won’y do. So make sure that you eat  sufficient amount and ensure the best of health.

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