Eat bitter foods for vitamins and minerals, says ayurveda

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Jan 17, 2017: Majority of the contemporary health experts are of the opinion that a balanced diet should be a mix of carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and proteins.

However, the concept of balanced diet is way different when it comes to ayurveda. According to this therapeutic method, a balanced diet should be drawn from the cravings of your taste buds.

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Ayurveda and bitter foods

The thought is simple. Nature blesses each and everyone one of us with aptitude that helps us to choose as to what is healthy and unhealthy for us to consume. Hence, when the 5 elements that create our 3 fundamental doshas are in synchronization, we at once are drawn towards foods that are healthy for our body.

This is indeed a happy state of mind where you obtain all the essential nutrients you want without the need to calculate grams of carbs and proteins.

However free radicals, pollution, stress etc unite which leads to imbalances in the doshas. This gets in the way with your mind and body?s natural capability to decide well and thus results in an unhealthful diet.

The pitta dosha is made up of water and fire and is you have a dominant pitta dosha, it is essential that you protect yourself from possible inflammatory issues like anger, breakouts, acidity, rashes, etc.

Hence, if you are of pitta type, it is advisable that you stay away from hot and sharp foods. However, in case of an inequity in the pitta dosha , you may have cravings for pungent and spicy foods.

In order to take your body and mind to their standard sense of natural intelligence, ayurveda says that you need to bring your focus back onto your concerned taste buds.

According to ayurveda, your meal should consist of a diversity of flavors. Fascinatingly, even from a contemporary nutritional viewpoint the 6 tastes gratify each of the main nutritional building blocks. For instance, sweet foods are loaded with carbohydrates, proteins and fats while on the other hand bitter foods are sources of minerals and vitamins.

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However, this doesn?t suggest you to eat a lot of sweet dishes at one go or something.  You need to remember that every flavor is necessary in small quantities and from time to time cleverly created chutney is all it takes to give up to4 flavors at one go.

Bitter foods and their health benefits

Why should bitter foods be considered as an essential flavor? First and foremost you need to be assured that the word bitter does not signify hard-to-swallow or unpleasant food items, says ayurveda.

Some of the main and popular bitter foods are barley, eggplant, aloe vera, turmeric, broccoli, bitter gourd, fenugreek, leafy greens like radicchio, kale, dandelion greens and arugula.

Bitter foods help in stimulating your taste buds thus, triggering a hale and hearty flow of digestive juices, bile and enzymes. When foods are digested in a proper manner the nutrients that are present in them are also absorbed properly.

Majority of the bitter foods are loaded with vital minerals and minerals. Kale is one such bitter food that consists of folate, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron and beta carotene. Also, it has high fiber content that allows your digestive system to be cleansed.

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