Eat dark leafy greens to promote healthy gut bacteria

By TNT Bureau

Dec 15, 2017: We all are aware that it is vital to consume veggies, particularly dark leafy greens. But, if you are one of those who simply avoid eating greens, then you need to change your habits at teh earliest.

According to a study published in the journal Nature Chemical Biology, dark leafy greens help to promote healthy gut bacteria. The study actually concentrated upon the sulfoquinovose (SQ) content of green vegetables. SQ is the sole sugar molecule that is filled with sulphur. All the green veggies are loaded with SQ and darker the greens, the more SQ it contains.

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Why the stress on SQ?

Researchers have discovered that SQ plays a pivotal role in promoting the health of friendly gut bacteria and at the same time, prevents bad bacteria.

The co-author of the study Spencer Williams from Melbourne University said that sulphur is significant as it helps to build proteins, the necessary components for life. SQ is the sole sugar molecule filled with sulphur, and thus, digestion of the molecule by bacteria discharges sulphur into the surroundings, where it re-enters the overall sulphur to be reprocessed by other life forms.

Sulphur helps to create proteins along with a number of essential hormones, antibodies and enzymes. The existence of SQ in green vegetables is no new finding. But, prior to this study, it was unidentified how gut bacteria would use SQ for energy, as it is not possible for human beings to digest the compound.

Understanding E.coli

The head researcher, Ethan Goddard-Borger said that bacteria in the gut like vital protective strains of E. coli, use SQ as a basis of energy. E. coli offers a protective barrier thus, preventing growth and colonisation by bad bacteria, since the good ones are taking up the entire estate. E. coli is a main bacterial coloniser required by the gut. It is being speculated that consumption of this particular molecule within leafy greens will prove to be a significant factor in recovering and maintaining healthy gut bacteria and enhanceddigestive health.

Our gut microbiome is a subtle ecosystem, the fitness of which is basically tied to the wellbeing of the whole body. Majority of your immune system is situated in the gut, and strong gut bacteria have been associated with abundant health benefits such as longevity, good digestion etc.

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This study encourages us all to eat more organic, fresh, leafy dark greens on a daily basis since kale, Swiss chard, arugula, spinach etc are filled with vital minerals, antioxidants and vitamins..

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