Eat lima beans to live longer?

By TNT Bureau

Aug 15, 2017: According to a new study conducted at Kiel University in Germany, eating lima beans help humans live longer especially the male population.

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There have been a number of researches in the past to find out ways to increase life span and this news is definitely good news. Hence, if this new study which was conducted in male fruit flies turns out to be true, then it is advisable that you start adding lima beans in your daily diet.

The ongoing research

The investigators found that managing an oral dose of prunetin which is found in lima beans, to male fruit flies expands longevity,. Not only this, it also helps in increasing your overall strength and also aids in bringing improvement in balancing your glucose levels.

The head researcher of the study Anika Wagner said that the research offers impactful insights into plant bioactive investigation and recommends a probability to fight ageing moderately simple by the consumption of a plant bioactive.

She further explained that additional researches in mammalian humans are essential to authenticate primary data which were creates in the model organism Drosophila melanogaster.

Further plans

In order to make their finding, the researchers separated fruit flies in accordance to sex before the beginning of the investigational treatment in order to evaluate prunetin-mediated effects on men as well as women.

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Next, the flies were constantly managed either a prunetin-free control diet or prunetin-containing diet. The flies were observed almost every day and those flies that died were counted.

It was then seen that prunetin-fed male flies lived longer as compared to those who received the control diet. In order to assess their health and fitness, the flies were compelled to shin up in a see-through tube and the distance which they could beat in a definite time period was measured.

However, such effects were not found among the females. Since females live longer as compared to men, prunetin in fact feminises male flies through its estrogenicity, the investigators concluded.

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