Eating fish helps to ease depression

By TNT Bureau

Apr 4, 2017: Fish is one food that has always been held high whether for weight loss purpose or curing varied physical ailments. And now, you need to increase your intake of fish as this super food is also helpful in easing depression.

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Fish and depression: The connection

If you are concerned with improving your brain health, you need to obtain more and more of omega 3 in your diet on a daily basis. Such healthy fats are present in fish and are known to cure mental illnesses such as depression since ages.

Fish is a chief part of the Mediterranean diet which is a useful diet that aids to prevent depression. However, is it really possible to cure depression by simply eating fish? Well, researchers have said a big yes. Increased consumption of fish is linked with a 17% reduced risk of depression

A study was published in the journal Epidemiology & Community Health in September 2015 which looked into the connection between eating fish and depression.

The meta-analysis consisted of data from over 26 studies where more than 150,000 participated. It was seen that those who consumed fish are 17% less likely to fall prey to depression as against those who didn?t eat fish at all.

When the investigators studied effects particular to sex, the effects of eating fish remained the same. However, relationship was stronger among males. Increased consumption of fish was linked with a 20% reduced risk in male while for women, the percentage was 16%.
The researchers conclude that the findings revealed a noteworthy inverse link between eating fish and depression.

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Why the focus on fish as depression reliever?

Increasing the intake of omega-3 is alleged to be a significant approach to assist against depression. Also, it is considered as one of the finest ways to do so is by consuming lots of fish.

Omega 3 is vital for the appropriate structure of membranes within the brain. Also, it helps to transmit dopamine and neurotransmitters serotonin.

Well functioning of both of these neurotransmitters is significant to keep the brain strong and averting the varied symptoms of depression and other mental disturbances.

It is advisable to add more fish to your diet as this will help you protect against depression. Also, this is considered vital for maintaining good heart health and aids in prevention of inflammation. You should get into the habit of eating fish twice on a weekly basis.

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