Eating fruits and vegetables can boost fertility

By TNT Bureau

Nov 29, 2016: Eating fruits and vegetables can boost the chance of having a baby, said a study. But men are “lazier” than women to take such advice, researchers have warned.

According to a study presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology’s annual meeting in Lisbon, more than 1,100 men and women found that people with healthy diets are more likely to conceive. Consumption of fruits, vegetables and pulses regularly increases fertility levels.

The study found 55% of fertile men consumed fruit five times a week compared with 73% of fertile women. Researcher Eugenio Ventimiglia, from IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan, said: “Women are more keen on being careful than men. We have to try to convince men that diet and lifestyle is an issue.”

He said men often did not think their own habits would influence the chances of conception, and were reluctant to seek medical advice when struggling with fertility. He said that anyone trying to start a family should adopt a healthy lifestyle in the hope of increasing their chances of success.

Experts said fruits and vegetables appeared to improve sperm quality because they contain anti oxidants, while those eating plenty of fruit and vegetables were less likely to eat fatty foods and red meat, which can reduce fertility.

While 65% of fertile study participants ate fruit every day, the figure was just 51% among those suffering from infertility. In total, 51% of those who had succesfully conceived ate vegetables every day, the figure was just 47.8 per cent among those suffering from infertility.

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