Effective ayurvedic mantras to help you lose weight

By TNT Bureau

June 27, 2017: Ayurveda has secrets to good health as they aid in promoting healthy digestion while removing toxins and contributing towards holistic living. Ayurveda says that a disbalance in your dosha results in weight gain and numerous other diseases. The ideal step towards weight loss is introducing effective ayurvedic mantras to help you lose weight and these include

Triphala herb

This is one of the ideal weight loss herbs and is actually a combination of 3 herbs that include haritaki, bibhitaki, and amlataki. It has unique purification, rejuvenating and detoxifying properties and also aids in weight loss. Consuming this herb daily helps to reduce weight as it ensures a better digestion process. Take a tbsp of this herb in powder form and mix it well in a glass of warm water.

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Guggul herb

This herb helps to reduce cholesterol and fats from the intestine. Also, it helps to increase metabolism, thus reducing weight gain. This herb acts as a liver stimulant, aiding in  better management of fats, thereby reducing weight.

Aloe vera

This wonder herb helps you get a better skin, better digestion, weight loss along with a lot of other benefits as well. It helps to detoxify the body, increase metabolism and clean your digestive system thus, aiding in weight loss. Mix aloe vera juice with lemon juice, water and honey and this will surely work as an effective weight loss treatment.

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Curry leaves

These are great fat-burning food and occupy an important place in ayurveda for weight loss. These leaves also help to regulate your sugar levels and are blessed with anti-inflammatory qualities. Also, they aid in better functioning of the small intestine and stomach. Simply add curry leaves to flavour your vegetables and pulses.

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