Effective ayurvedic tips to treat white patches

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Mar 14, 2017: White patches are non-communicable skin disease in which a person loses pigmentation in varied portions of his/her skin. This skin problem is not injurious but it definitely has a direct and rather humiliating effect on the emotions of those who suffer from it.

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Majority of the patients who suffering from this skin disorder also undergo mental depression since they find it hard to survive in the society where they get stares from people.

The why, what and how?

White patches happen as some area of the skin starts to lose pigmentation owing to loss of the skin’s ability to function in a proper manner.

Other causes include extreme stress, changes in immunity system, anemia, rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory diseases, Addison’s disease, variations in immune system, ill functioning of melanin and even diabetes.

The warning signals of white patches are

  • They mostly occur on body parts such as hand, neck, and chest and so on.
  • It starts off by covering small portions of the skin but can get bigger and alter in shape.
  • They are extremely prominent in face as well as wrists. Nonetheless, white patches can also occur in genitals, eyes, mouth and nose.

The warning signals differ from one case to another but most normally it has been found that in 80% cases the patient undergo mental sadness.

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Treating white patches with ayurveda

Ayurveda is very beneficial in treating white patches. The ayurvedic pack contains vital herbs that combine mutually in synergy to fight the condition of white patches. These helps to clear the scalps and provide respite itching thus promoting superb and healthy skin.

Essential ayurvedic herbs


This herb is extremely helpful in curing skin diseases particularly white patches along with other health issues such as diabetes, lung disorder, indigestion, tuberculosis etc. They help in reducing obesity when taken with honey. Other benefits are treating of heart disorders, arthritis and asthma. The herb augments pitta while decreasing imbalances in vata dosha.


This herb is one of the best ayurvedic herbs for your digestive system. The herb helps to cure any type of anal problems and beneficial for hemorrhoids. Danti herb cleans all superfluous fluids from the body and nurture glowing skin. They are very significant medicine for people suffering from kidney stones and white patches.


Amalaki is very good for external skin and helps in cleaing the digestive system. They help to purify blood circulation and regulate sugar content in the body. Its antioxidant properties healthy hair and toned skin. The herb corrects the vata flow and helps to keep healthy body.

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