Effective ayurvedic ways to cure muscle cramps

By TNT Bureau

July 14, 2017:  In ayurveda, muscles cramps or spasms are simply caused by vata dosha. Increased by mobile, rough or cold qualities, Vata makes a muscle hard and stiff, unable to relax and goes into a spasm. Ayurveda offers several natural means of relief. According to ayurvedic principles, muscle cramps and spasms are a sign of excess vata energy. Vata qualities are cool, rough, and dry, so you can pacify vata-exacerbated muscle tension with moist heat. That means comfort can be as close as a hot water bottle or bath. Here is a list of 8 ayurvedic ways to cure muscle cramps.

Apple cider vinegar

There are a number of home remedies that are useful in treating muscle spasms and cramps. One of the most common is apple cedar vinegar. A couple of teaspoons mixed with water are supposed to relax your muscles almost immediately. Keep in mind that vinegar should always be diluted before consumption and should never be consumed directly.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is supposed to be very helpful in preventing muscle spasms. Drinking chamomile tea every day is supposed to ensure that you stay clear of muscular disorders.

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Celery seeds

Celery seeds are also a very good natural remedy. Including celery seeds in food will not only prevent the pain associated with arthritis, but will also prevent muscular spasm.

Herbal oils

Another very good Ayurvedic solution is the use of oils that help with muscle spasm. For example, wintergreen oil and willow bark oil are known to relieve all kinds of muscular pains, including spasms. Cramp bark and lobella are also very good. Mixing them in a base of either extra virgin olive oil or almond oil and massaging on the affected area will give almost immediate relief.

It is important to mix these herbal oils in a base oil before using, and there is a different proportion of each oil that needs to be mixed. These oils should never be used directly as they can cause damage to skin. Further, they should never be ingested as they can cause serious harm to internal organs.

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