Enjoy the sound of food

By TNT Bureau

Aug 3, 2017: In a study published in the journal Flavour, Charles Spence, a professor at Oxford University, reviewed a research on the interrelation between food flavor and sound. He concluded that sound is a very important experience in eating. There is a remarkable effect as food sound totally changes the experience of our eating.

According to Spence, sound effect overlaps our flavor senses. This is due to the fact that our brain always attempts to get connections with the surroundings. Individuals do utilize sounds in order to access the taste of food unknowingly. People assess the taste of the food using the word ?crisp?, a sound effect that clearly indicates the importance of sound in our foods.

Another study by the University of Leeds pointed out that people like bacon?s texture and the crunching sound more than its taste and smell.

It has also been proved that by changing the sound that a food makes can influence a person?s perception about it. Spence showed that people prefer carbonated beverages more when they hear the sound of the bubbles popping.

But why food sounds are so important? It is because the sound of food and its texture tells us about its quality and freshness. For example, if an apple is crunchy and makes crispy noise, then we know that it is fresh, and hence it tastes more. This concept also applies to soft food like banana, bread or even mousse, which also makes a subtle sound when we bite them or slice them.

Spence feels that sound can be considered more in the food industry. According to a survey, food scientists showed that they rated sound as the least important factor that contribute to flavor.

Spence says that the food industry should commercialize the sounds of food and soon it can become an important factor and many foods will be sold on the basis of their sound.

Outside sound also influences our perceptions. Suppose you are eating Italian food and you hear music of that region, it will make you feel that the food is authentic. The ice cream company Häagen-Dazs introduced an app by which the customers can scan the ice cream carton and listen to a violin concert that enable the ice cream to soften.

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