Ensure healthy and happy feet with yoga

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Dec 14, 2017: Just like the rest of the body, feet also deserves to be happy and healthy. With yoga, you can provide immediate relief to your feet and experience ultimate relaxation.

Yoga therapist and author of Walk Yourself Well, Sherry Brourman says, ?Feet have a big job; it?s really important that we take care of them.?

By practicing yoga on a daily basis, alignment in the feet gets balanced in a proper manner which results in good alignment throughout the body. Beside this, yoga also has the power to prevent and cure foot problems like shin splints, fasciitis and bunions.

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What you need to do is to stretch and engage your feet as much as possible. Brourman says, ?Imagine them as little cars with four wheels.? Press each of the wheels in a firm manner, move and press the base of your toe, then the base of the fifth toe, and finally the center of the outer and inner heels.

Practicing it daily for twice to thrice a day will render desirable results within a short period of time.

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Top 4 feet exercises

Weaving to reduce symptoms of bunions

Interlock fingers of one hand between each of the toes of the opposite foot. Now, with a firm hold, start stretching and massaging your toes along with the ball of the foot. This helps in developing flexibility and mobility and also opens up the space between the toes.

Towel scrunches to ease plantar fasciitis

Sit down on the ground with your feet flat and then bend your knees at approx 90 degrees. Get hold of a towel and spread it under the feet. Start scrunching the toes to get hold of bits of the towel and then slightly pull it towards you.

Palm tree to strengthen calves and ankles

Stand up in Mountain pose. For balance, you can touch the wall with your hands. Start to breathe in and then left the heels as much as you can. As you breathe out, bring your heels back to the ground. Follow the same for 5 -10 times.

Squeeze and flex to restore mobility and relieve hammertoes

Sit in a comfortable chair and rest your heels on the ground. Breathe in and flex the toes so as to ensure good amount if space between them. Breathe out and squeeze the toes in so that a toe fist is formed. Follow the same for 5-10 times.

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