Evergreen ayurveda: The science of life

By Arun Deva

Ayurveda is much more than a medical codification. It is the knowledge of life and best suited to address our wellbeing

Jan 8, 2016: Like all things whose origins are shrouded in the mists of time, the foundation of ayurveda is rooted in a mythological past. A myth is not necessarily a lie. Very much like a parable, it usually expresses a higher truth. It is believed that the Ashwini twins gave the secrets of ?the science of self-healing? to Indra, the king of devas, who in turn, passed it on to Bharadwaja, one of the seven seers of the Rigveda. As Indra represents prana, and the Ashwini twins represent the duality of all cosmic creation, this myth can be seen symbolically as the natural progression of the eternal life force into the two sustaining forces of the universe: inhalation and exhalation?the cosmic spanda or pulsation of all life. Bharadwaja represents the ability of man to access deep truths when in a state of full awareness or samadhi.

Similar to this are other myths with other persona?some divine, some mystical and some human. What is easier for us to comprehend is the belief that the great rishis of India, moved by compassion for the welfare of all living beings, went into a deep state of Samadhi (absorption) from which they extracted and made available the ?science of life?.

The science of life

To comprehend ayurveda as a medical science is to limit its scope. The root words for ayurveda are ayu and veda. Since ayu refers to all life and veda is knowledge or science, ayurveda is much more than a medical codification; it is actually the knowledge of all life. As all healing arises from the knowledge of health, ayurveda is best suited to address our wellbeing and the lack of it.

The beauty and simplicity of ayurveda arises from the belief that all in the universe is woven from the same fabric. Everything contains the same energies and is built with the same elements. It contends that everything in life is connected. It is in the different combinations of these forces that sentient life forms differ from non-sentient forms?plants from animals, animals from human beings and you from me.

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