Exercise, fomentation can help in cervical spondylosis

July 17, 2017: As temperatures dip in winters, people suffering from cervical spondylosis, a condition affecting bones, discs and joints of the neck, have a tough time. The problem, if ignored, can nag all through one’s life.

It usually occurs in middle-aged and elderly people but according to orthopaedicians, computers and mobile phones are making even youngsters predisposed to developing cervical spondylitis quite early in life.

Experts advise not to take things lightly as ignoring signs could eventually lead to the entire spinal cord getting affected which can manifest itself in a paralytic condition. However, the problem can be managed by regular exercise, fomentation and medicine.

Dr. Aashish Chaudhry of Aakash Healthcare says, “Cervical spondylosis can be managed by regular neck exercises, medicines and fomentation. But in winters, the condition worsens with decreased physical activities due to short days, less drinking of water and cold weather, making neck muscles stiff.”

According to orthopaedicians, with advancing age, cervical discs undergo distortion and result in the disorder.

“But patients suffering with severe spondylitis condition should not straightway go for exercise. They need to consult a doctor and ease the condition by fomentation and medicines first. In some severe cases, symptom may include spinning of everything around,” Dr Choudhry explained.

Stating that even youngsters are coming with spondylitis symptoms, Dr Chaudhry says, “This condition can simply be eased by regular exercise.

But word of caution for them is that if they do not do neck exercises regularly to ease the stiffness of muscles they might become a patient of cervical spondylitis quite early in life.”

“My advice is that patients should not let the condition deteriorate so much that the entire spinal cord gets involved and they have to cope with paralytic conditions. In fact, by ignoring early signs, we let easily manageable condition to degenerate into intractable one,” he adds.

Source: ANI

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