Falling hair are hungry for essential vitamins

Feb 19, 2016: Nutrients are not only important for the wellness and health of your body but also for hair growth.  Out of all, vitamin C, B vitamins such as Biotin and Niacin are considered to be the best food for hair. So for good hair, along with the right hair care products you need to maintain a balanced diet topped with these top vitamins for hair growth.

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Anything that is natural is always safe for everyone. So while looking for solution for any health issue even hair fall, resort to only organic or natural therapies and treatments. And when it is about your hair growth, diet is the safest way to get the desired results. Yes, the reason for hair loss vary from person to person which includes factors ranging from hormonal imbalance, genetic disorder, frequent use of styling products, poor diet and many more. But here we are talking about hair fall caused due to poor diet, the most common of all.

How does vitamin deficiency cause hair loss?

The hair loss caused by vitamin deficiency is referred as telogen effluvium. Under this, the hair which is still in its anagen phase is pushed to the telogen phase which is the resting stage of the hair growth cycle, causing this hair to fall out. The Telogen effluvium is a temporary phenomenon and is generally treated by taking in required or more dosage of key vitamins that contribute to healthy hair growth. These vitamins help you to stimulate healthy hair and promote lengthy, thick and fast growing hair.

Many get tensed on finding even one or two strands falling here and there daily. For this reason you need to know the fact that we lose on average 100-150 hairs per day, and hair grows at an average of half inch per month. It is only alarming when you notice extreme hair shedding than this. And when you find out that this is may be due to vitamin deficiency or nutritional deficiency, treat it naturally by eating more vitamins and minerals. If you are too lazy to do that and are unable to get enough of these vitamins in your diet then natural hair growth supplements might also help to thicken and repair your hair.  Good hair care regimen and nutritious diet together help you prevent hair loss and promote silky shiny long hair.

Top hair growth vitamins

Vitamin A

You may count on this antioxidant for its varied benefit on hair, skin, nails, eye sight and even immunity. While vitamin A is important for your overall health, it is however risky to have it in plenty. It is fat-soluble and an excess daily intake can be harmful to your liver, cause fatigue and nausea. Make sure you read your vitamin labels and avoid taking multiple doses so you don?t overdo it. At the end of the day, no supplement can beat getting what you need the natural way. The natural sources to maintain vitamin A levels for healthy hair growth is by eating foods such as carrots, apricots, pumpkins, mangos and red peppers.

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Vitamin D

Experts believe that this sunshine vitamin is important to help regulate your hair cycle. Though it is still vague to say that the level of vitamin D in your body directly influences your hair growth, but many recommend that taking vitamin D will surely help in a good way for healthy, strong strands. And since natural exposure of sun for Vitamin D can get you tanned even if you rub sunscreen, a food supplement will be safe, easy and convenient option.


This B3 vitamin is a water-soluble vitamin which helps to dilate the blood vessels to allow better circulation which nourishes your scalp and hair follicles. And as they say excess of anything is harmful so best is to go for natural supplements with the right proportion of niacin like Trx2 capsules.


Also known as B7 or H, Biotin is also a water-soluble vitamin just for your hair loss. Studies show its potential to promote hair growth, thickness of hair strand and prevent hair loss. So now when you are worried about hair thinning hair fall out due to lack of B vitamins like Biotin, eating Soybeans, bananas, nuts, watermelon, saltwater fish, meat and poultry rich in biotin may help you for healthy hair growth.

Author?s Bio: Cerys Ball is a renowned trichologist and loves to share her expertise on hair fall and hair growth solutions with the masses through her articles.

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