Fitbit’s Alta is all set woo you

By TNT Bureau

Mar 5, 2016: Fitbit has now come with Alta, a new fitness tracker that emphasizes on fashion-forward design basics and soft colors. The health device is available in the market at a price of $129. It has a stainless and brushed body that supports exchangeable bands with a view that doesn’t stand out for the incorrect reasons.

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What’s the buzz?

You can choose bands from Classic line that are available in black, blue, teal and plum colors and each cost $30. They can increase the style with hide-leather Luxe bands which come in lush pink and graphite and cost $60 each, or take it up another indentation with a hand-polished stainless steel band that you cost you $100. Fitbit has allocated Alta as one of its most superior products till date.

Spokesperson from Fitbit Kelsey Nevius said to TechNewsWorld,“The device underscores our commitment to deliver products that fit seamlessly into daily life — a product people want to wear all day — while offering the motivation and guidance to reach health and fitness goals.”

This new health device consists of innonvatiive reminders to Move feature that nudge you to take 2-3 minutes of walk when you have been sitting for a long period of time. You can activate it keep it on silent depending upon your needs.

Additionally, Alta provides a number of things that users expect out a fitness device with the noteworthy exception of a heart rate monitor.

The device helps in tracking steps and sleep. It also serves up notifications from a linked mobile and Alta is compatible with over 200 mobile phones.

It’s all about fashion

One of the major faults users have found with health wearbles is that fashion and form often have to take a backseat to features and functionality. The bulky build and bland colors of early wearables have been repugnant to the fashion-conscious — women, in particular — a point that hasn’t been lost on hardware manufacturers.

Motorola and Apple have taken care to release smartwatches with thinner wristbands, which typically are more comfortable on thinner wrists. It appears Fitbit now has put more thought into fashion, not that it completely ignored it in the past.

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The soft color palette of Alta was enthused by a wish to make a product that you would want to flaunt. The colors will surely attract you, said Fibit’s spokesperson.

The research director for mobile and smart devices at Counterpoint Technology Market Research Jeff Fieldhack said that there is absolutely a requirement for a classy, slim and more comfy design with a more attractive aesthetic.

It was seen that at CES with the smartwatch brands that target women consumers with slim and trim phones to jewels to anything.

Hence,  Fitbit has now introduced the  Alta which is rumored to be one of the most fashionable fitness tracker that you will simply love everywhere and anywhere.

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