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By Dr Savitha Suri

Sep 18, 2017: Eyes are the most effective and expressive tools of communication. They mirror our myriad moods and emotions. We have been blessed with eyes to enjoy the beauty of the world. Our eyes, therefore, deserve very special care.

According to ayurveda, several factors affect the functions of the eyes, reducing their efficiency and causing discomfort. The diseases of the eyes are due to the vitiation of tridoshas?vatta, pitta and kapha. Some of the factors that vitiate the doshas and affect the eyes are:

  • Taking cold bath after a brisk exercise or after roaming in the hot climate
  • Straining them for long hours
  • Keeping awake for very long or sleeping in the afternoon
  • Moving in the dust, polluted environment and smoke
  • Controlling natural urges
  • Head injuries
  • Using the microscope too long
  • Alcoholism

Tired eyes

Tired eyes are mostly caused by allergies, fatigue, strain of eyes, infection and inadequate supply of oxygen to the tissues of the eyes. The symptoms of tired eyes are dryness and irritation.

Self care for tired eyes

  • Give rest to your eyes by closing them in between work
  • Have a good night?s sleep
  • Put fresh slice of cucumber on the eyes for a few minutes. This revitalises the eyes.
  • Wash your eyes with cold
  • water several times a day
  • Mix few drops of rose water in a cup of water. Dip two cotton gauzes in it and place them on your eyes for a few minutes.

Dry eyes

Tears flow down our eyes when we are sad or too happy. In fact, our eyes are always protected by a thin film of tears. This film represents aap dhatu or jaladhatu (water element). The tear film keeps our vision clear and protects our eyes from irritation. When production of tears gets reduced, it causes variation in the tear film and dries it. This condition is called dry eyes.

Causes for dry eyes

  • As we get old, production of tears reduces causing dry eyes.
  • Medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scleroderma lead to dry eyes
  • Medications like diuretics, antihistamines, sleeping pills, acne medications, allergic reaction to eye ointments and eye drops
  • Diseases of eyes like Blepheritis (inflammation of edges of eyelids), Entropion (inward bending of eyelid), Ectropion (outward bending of eyelid)
  • Irritants present in the environment like smoke, dust, wind, sun, dry climate
  • Working on the computer or longer hours, reading for long hours
  • Varied composition of tears: Tears are a mixture of water, fatty oils, proteins, eletrolytes

 Signs and symptoms of dry eyes

Usually both eyes get affected in this condition. Itching, burning or stinging sensation in the eyes as if a foreign substance is inside are common symptoms. You?ll feel difficult to wear contact lenses. Eyes get tired easily. Secretion of mucus in the form of threads around eyes are another common symptom.

Prevention of dry eyes

  • Avoid direct blowing of air through hair driers, fans or air conditioners
  • Wear sunglasses when it is too sunny or windy
  • Wear swimming glasses to prevent excess irritation
  • Avoid dry climate
  • Blink often when you work in front of a computer or while reading and watching TV
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes

Home remedies for dry eyes

  • Boil castor leaves in water and allow it to cool down. When this decoction is lukewarm, dip cotton gauze in it and place it on both eyes
  • Boil two spoons of triphala powder in a glass of water until it reduces to a quarter of a glass. When it is lukewarm, filter it and add a spoon of honey. Drinking this decoction every day strengthens the eyes

 Causes of dark circle

Age; over exposure to sun; lack of sleep; lack of nutrients; allergies; eczema; asthma; hereditary; fatigue; chronic diseases; pregnancy; menstruation.

Remedies for dark circles

  • Conceal the dark circles through make up
  • Do not use bleach or peels to make the dark circles light
  • Apply mild moisturizer but the quantity should be less
  • Lightly tap the under eye skin with one or two fingers to increase the blood circulation
  • Treat the cause of illnesses mentioned above
  • Sleep for sufficient hours
  • Take diet rich in nutrients


Conjunctivitis is caused by viruses, bacteria or allergic substances like pollen, dust. It can be prevented to some extent if you avoid sharing eye cosmetics, napkins, towels and handkerchiefs. Don?t touch your eyes with dirty hands. Wash your hands and change pillow covers frequently.

? Exercising the eyes releases any build-up of tension and aids relaxation. When practicing, keep your head still and move only your eyes.
Look Ahead
? Stare at your thumb, then look into the distance relax and repeat
Move Eyes
? With wide, look from side to side 10 times, then up and down 10 times, and then diagonally 10 times.

Dr Savitha Suri is an ayurvedic practitioner.

None of the facts and figures mentioned in the story have been created by is not responsible for any factual errors.

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