Future Group willing to sell Sri Sri ayurveda products 

By TNT Bureau

Mar 15, 2016: One of the leading retail majors Future Group said that they are willing to sell Sri Sri ayurveda products in the same manner as they have been selling the Patanjali products of Baba Ramdev. These ayurvedic FMCG products are promoted by the celebrated Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of Art of Living.

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When asked whether the company would be selling Sri Sri ayurveda products on Future Group’s stores, the chief executive and founder of the retail major  Kishore Biyani said to the PTI “If the customers want it then why not? We are open to the thought,”

When enquired as to how soon can it take place, Biyani said that they have not discussed it with the concerned authority of Sri Sri ayurveda products.

Art of Living is engaged in selling ayurvedic products in categories like food and nutrition, personal group, health group under the brand name of Sri Sri Ayurveda. Also it sells candle lights, apparels, soap, fragnances and spices via its online portal which is known as sattvastore.

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On October 2015, Future Group had entered into a promotional partnership with Patanjali with the aim to market and sell its products.

Besides this, Biyani said that both Future Group and Patanjali were also bearing in mind to have manufacture partnership and in cooperation develop brands in the long-stand.

Future group is gambling big on food and consumer business and also looking forward to clock returns worth $20,000 millions in this section by the year 2021

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