General public ignorant of antibiotic resistance, WHO survey reveals

By TNT Bureau

Mar 30, 2017: According to a World Health Organization (WHO) survey, common people are unaware of antibiotic resistance and abuse and the dangers associated with it. The survey which was conducted in 12 nations revealed that majority of the people does not seem to understand how to put control over antibiotic resistance. Misusing and overusing of antibiotics leads to bacteria resistant.

The survey found out that gaps in misconceptions and misinterpretation along with some unnecessary practices are the core reasons behind such phenomenon.Among 10,000 people surveyed across the 12 nations, 64% of them knew that antibiotic resistance affects them. But, there were unaware of methods to control it.

Almost two-thirds of the people believe that antibiotics are used for curing cough and cold. However, viruses are not affected by antibiotics. Around 32 percent said that they usually stop consuming antibiotics once they feel better. But, completion of the prescribed course is extremely important.

The Director-General of WHO, Dr. Margaret Chan stated, ?The rise of antibiotic resistance is a global health crisis. Governments recognize it as one of the greatest challenges for public health today.?

Dr. Chan also added, ?It is reaching dangerously high levels in all parts of the world. Antibiotic resistance is compromising our ability to treat infectious diseases and undermining many advances in medicine.?

The results of the survey correspond with the launch of ?Antibiotics: Handle with care?, a WHO campaign. This global initiative aims towards better understanding of the issue to raise awareness about the right usage of antibiotics.In order to prevent antibiotic resistance; the WHO will join hands with healthcare authorities and governments.

India, Sudan, Vietnam, Nigeria, China, the Russian Federation and Serbia were among the nations that were surveyed.

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