Healing your energies

By Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

May 14, 2015: If you truly become aware of the disease, you become aware of the cause, too. When the cause is dissolved, the effect is no more.

Physical existence is always happening between cause and effect. Suppose you ate or drank something somewhere and got infected; the cause is bacteria and the effect is the infection. So you try to cure the cause by taking antibiotics. You could kill the cause with medication because it is external to you. With other diseases that are not externally caused, but happen from within the body, the cause is much deeper compared to an ordinary infection. For this type of disease to manifest, there is an imbalance or a mal-function in the energy-body, which manifests itself in the physical body, or sometimes in the mental body.

With something like pranic healing?or any kind of healing for that matter?you are only appeasing the effect. In a way, with a little control or mastery over your own energies, you can to put a screen between the cause and the effect. The effect may die out, but the cause stays buried.

As far as nature is concerned, as far as life energy is concerned, the effect is only its way of telling you that there is a cause inside you. The disturbance of energy, which is trying to manifest itself in a certain way, is referred to as ?cause?.

When we talk about bringing awareness to your disease, when we talk about accepting what is there, it does not mean becoming defeated about your disease. If you truly become aware of the disease, then you become are aware of the cause, too. The moment you bring awareness to any part of your body, in terms of energy, it will immediately become active and many things start happening there.

Let us say you have asthma and it just got cured today. Without asthma in you, you still have the same kind of energy in you, so you may fall prey to some other calamity. The disease may not be there, but you could get into an accident. Your asthma was only an indication of a deeper disturbance.

If you get cured of your asthma, it may manifest in some other way, as some other calamity. This is because your energies are still in the same situation, but the effect? of it was been taken away. So, it will take effect in a deeper or more acute form to inform you again. Instead, if you bring awareness to your disease, you get connected to the cause of it.

Just as an experiment, if you carefully attend to any part of your body?put your attention there and just be with that. You will realise that so much energy activities will begin to happen there, because if you bring awareness and consciousness to that part of the body, naturally life energies become enhanced. This way, one could heal anything and change the energy situation to some extent.

Now, why did the energy body get disturbed, first of all? For ?the energy body to be disturbed either there is an improper ?lifestyle, improper thought patterns, improper emotions or a combination of all these. There is a certain karmic structure that? you have built which is causing some kind of turmoil to your energy, which manifests itself in the physical body as disturbed energy or disease.

But, even if you settle the energy situation to some extent with healing or mental focus or with a certain sense of awareness, still the karmic substance, which is causing this, persists. The karmic substance is recorded in your energy as the fundamental software. It can work only within the ambit of the programmed software.

The life energies within you created your whole body. All the bones, blood, flesh and everything, including your brain, was created by this energy. When you were born, your body was tiny, but today it has grown big. Nobody stretched you from outside, the body has grown from within. Whatever is creating the body is within you. So, when it can do so much, can it not fix a tiny cartilage or a hole in the heart?

This whole activity of trying to heal somebody is, in some way, trying to play God?trying to manipulate energies in an improper way. With yoga kriyas healing happens naturally. The objective is not healing, but it definitely happens. This involves sadhana, which is dissolution of karma by itself. When the cause is dissolved, the effect is no more.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is a yogi and a leader. Isha Yoga Centre, established by him at the foothills of Velliangiri Mountains, is a powerful spiritual institute that offer all aspects of yoga under one roof.

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