Health goodness of herbs and spices

By TNT Bureau

Dec 7, 2016: The concept of food is now changing. The popularity of green kitchen is evident enough that more and more people are now becoming health conscious.

This is the reason as to why herbs and spices have gained an entirely new level as a whole as they have been successful in entering the kitchen of millions of people across the globe.

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The health goodness of herbs and spices are known by all and hence they have taken center stage in today?s time. They are believed to be the future of nutritious vegetarian foods that helps to restore health and wellbeing.

Herbs and spices definitely add the much needed flavor to any foods thus, making it tasty in the most natural manner. Just a pinch or two of essential herbs and spices can bring about healthy changes in your everyday lifestyle. So, are you game for it?


This widely used herb is now being regarded as one of the mightiest of them all. With a great ORAC rating of its active element curcumin, turmeric aids in preventing the formation of free radicals within the body while fighting the ones that are already present in the body. Also, it aids in supporting detoxifying abilities of our liver. It is suggested that you use black pepper with turmeric as this helps to increase the ability of the body to grab in the goodness of this herb.


It is recommended that you sprinkle cinnamon into your smoothie or cup of coffee or onto a banana in the morning to kick-start your circulatory system, add antioxidants, and help regulate your blood sugar for the rest of the day.

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A digestive system booster, cumin aids in the proper elimination of toxins and the body?s ability to absorb nutrients. Since digestive issues are linked to weight retention and mood, you can think of this spice as a happy, slimming addition with a delicious flavor.


Among one of the favorite herbs, cilantro often finds its way onto the plates at dinner for its chelating capabilities. It binds and mobilizes toxins and heavy metals in the body and pulls them out detoxifying before the day is through.


This herb is a renowned digestive help that has high-fiber content and also soothes troubles related to gastrointestinal tract.


So many cleanses involve cayenne because it heats the body from the inside and stimulates the lymph pathways. Depending on the dosage, it can lead to sweating, which is involved with purifying the systems. On extra-cold days, you can add it to your cup of tea to shake the shivers.


This herb is often referred to as to an essential vitamin and mineral that has a lot of healing components within itself. It is known to ease stress and anxiety.

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