Health goodness of sugarcane

By TNT Bureau

Oct 10, 2017: Sugarcane juice is a regarded as one of the high-energy drinks. It is indeed a healthy alternative to refined drinks that are filled with loads of sugar. The health benefits that you get from sugarcane both from raw as well as juice forms have been listed out in this discussion.

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What is sugarcane?
It is a kind of grass that belongs to Poaceae family and consists of a stout, jointed and rubbery stalk that may range from 2 to 6 meters in height. Sugarcane is rich in sugar and grown in more than 200 countries across the globe

Besides being the source of sugar, they are also eaten in the raw form, particularly in India. The sugarcane juice is also extremely healthy and is filled with loads of necessary nutrients.

Varied health benefits of sugarcane

Since they have low glycemic index, sugarcane helps you maintain a healthy and fit body. The cane juice is extremely beneficial in treating and cold, flu and sore throat. As sugarcane contains no simple sugar, diabetics can enjoy it to the fullest without any fear. Nonetheless, those suffering from type-2 diabetes should limit their consumption of the cane juice.

Since sugarcane is alkaline in nature, its juice helps the body to fighting cancer, particularly prostate and breast cancer. Sugarcane gives glucose to your body, which gets stored as glycogen and burned by the muscles as when energy is required. Hence, it is known as the ideal sources of energy.

Sugarcane is known to strengthen eyes, brain, sex organs, stomach, kidney and heart. Its juice is a brilliant replacement for aerated drinks and also helps in clearing the urinary flow thus, aiding the kidney to carry out its functions in a smooth manner.

Sugarcane juice works wonders for those suffering from febrile disorders. Febrile disorders are accountable for causing fevers, which can lead to a huge quantity of protein loss from the body. Moderate consumption of sugar cane juice gives the essential protein to the body.

Sugarcane is helpful for nepthritis, enlarged prostate, micturation, cystitis and gonorrhoea. Mix sugarcane juice with some lime juice, ginger juice and coconut water for better and quick results.

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As sugarcane contains carbohydrates, it serves to revive and rejuvenate the body. It functions to supply instant energy to working muscles and thus, it is known to increase good amount of stamina. It is also good for digestion, since it can efficiently work as a mild laxative owing to its high potassium content

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