Health wearables can’t help you lose weight, says study

By TNT Bureau

Oct 3, 2017: Are you planning to buy a wearable fitness tracker for weight loss? Then, you might need to think twice. Pittsburgh University have revealed that using health wearables to monitor activity levels does not necessarily help you lose weight. In fact, they found that people who use fitness tracker weighed more than those who don’t.

BodyMedia Fit Core

The two year study scanned 470 overweight people between 18 and 35 years and put them on a low-calorie diet, along with physical activity and group counselling sessions. After the completion of six months, the participants were divided into two groups, where one group was given activity trackers to check their fitness growth, while the other group was asked to self-monitor and register their activity on the study website.

The fitness device, BodyMedia Fit Core,was used to conduct this study. The device was worn around the participant’s upper arms. The device tracked each participant’s steps and minutes of physical activity. The activity results were accessible through web-based software.

After the completion of two years, it was seen that the group who didn’t wear the fitness tracker lost about 13 pounds on an average. On the other hand, the group who used the fitness tracker lost only about 7.7 pounds on an average.

 Are fitness trackers of no use?

John Jakicic, the head researcher of the study, says that if a person has some health devices which are helping him to be more active, then he should use it. However, if the person doesn’t have such devices, and still thinks about buying one because he wants to control his weight, he can expect the wearable to work like wonder where he ends up losing tons of weight just by monitoring his weight.

Although, the study didn’t observe why participants wearing the devices lost less weight than their device-less counterparts, but the researchers suspectthat they felt boosted by their exercise success and felt deserving of.

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