Help the disabled live better with yoga

By Ishananda Swaraswati

Feb 11, 2016 : The disabled. Everything around them has fallen apart. But yoga can transform them and help them live better. I receive requests from an ever-increasing number of yoga teachers, who wish to apply yoga in the social and health fields, to help the physically, men- tally and psychologically disabled people. I myself have eight years? experience in teaching mentally and psychologically disabled people, aged between 14 and 50 years, in Social Therapeutic Centres and also to mentally ill residing in the Residential Communities.

Yoga techniques can be used in three specific areas of intervention: Educative?preventive; rehabilitative?re-integrating into society and therapeutic. 

Qualified yoga teachers can operate in the first two areas and in the third only with the help of a doctor?a psychologist, by carrying out a therapeutic strategy that uses yoga practices in support of the medical-pharmacological therapies.

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