Herbs that are good for hair loss

By TNT Bureau

Jan 9, 2017: Hair loss is a widespread worry these days for both women and men in their middle ages to late adulthood. A number of people suffer from hair loss, thinning of hair, receding hairline and baldness.

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Although such hair issues are common among men, a huge population of women also faces such problems these days. The customary use of treatments such as hair coloring, dyeing, curling or straightening on an extensive basis tends to cause hair loss problems.

The other factors responsible for hair loss may include improper hair care, inborn conditions such as alopecia and menopause, chemotherapy and other medications, health disorders such as anemia and thyroid and poor diet.

Hair is a symbol of beauty and good health. It is essential to take good care of it and maintain good hair health. There are some herbs that are good for your hair and toady we will be discussing just that. Let us get started right away.

Aloe vera

This is an effective herb that aids to fight hair loss. It helps to stimulate circulation of blood along the scalp, thus helping in hair on the scalp. Apply aloe vera gel regurlarly to maintain pH balance of your hair. Also, it is helps to open the sterile pores of your scalp while boosting hair follicles growth.


Scientifically known as Arctium Lappa, this herb is useful in reducing hair loss. It helps to improve circulation of blood along your scalp thus, enhancing flow of blood to hair follicles. It consists of good amounts of fatty acids and phytosterol compounds that aid in reduction of hair loss. It is suggested to use this herb regularly by soaking it in olive oil to improve circulation of blood along hair follicles.


It is an ancient herbal remedy to cure hair loss problems and to enhance hair growth .It aids to improve hair follicles growth thus, promoting hair growth.

With regular use of peppermint oil on your hair and scalp, you get to experience soothing and cooling effect that improves the overall quality of your hair. You can also mix the oil with coconut milk for better results.

Stinging Nettle

This is one of the most important herbs that have immense hair growing advantages. Often referred to as the Urtica Diocia, this herb is grown extensively in North America. It helps to prevent the adaptation of testosterone hormones into dihydrotestosterone which is one of the major causes for hair loss.

You can consume it in the form of pills and you can also use it as your everyday hair oil for better results.

Put the leaves of this herb in a jar with olive oil for around 3 weeks in a cool place with no direct sunlight. Once 3 weeks are over, you can apply the oil on your hair and scalp and say hello to new and lovely hair.

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Ginko Biloba

This herb helps to increase the flow of blood to the brain and is extremely effectual in improving the nutritional shortages of your hair. It is a popular herb that most of the people use for immediate hair re-growth.


It is one of the renowned herbs that help to boost hair growth and also decrease baldness. It has antibacterial properties to soothe and heal infections and irritations on the scalp and is extremely effective in curing dandruff along with flaky and dry scalp.

It also helps in prevention of hair loss and hair re-growth if used on a regular basis.Use the oil once daily and stay away from stress, anxiety and depression.


This is an extremely essential herb that helps to strengthen hairs as well as bones and nails. It consists of silica that aids in providing the necessary strength to your hair and also helps in prevention of hair breaking and thinning. Also, it aids to prevent further hair loss. It is one of the widely used ingredients for varied hair conditioners available in the market.

Panax Ginseng

It is a popular Chinese herb and also often regarded as a natural herbal remedy for a whole bunch of hair loss issues. It is extremely effective in curing baldness and also helps to promote hair re-growth. Additionally, it helps to nourish your hair and also increases the strength of your hair. This herb is regarded as one of the chief ingredients that can be found in a number of major shampoos and hair tonics.

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