Herbs that are good for your skin

By TNT Bureau

Dec 6, 2016: Nature in indeed filled with lots of effective remedies that are not only effective but gentle as well. And if you are one of those who are looking to ease skin problems, it is highly advisable that you stick with natural ways.

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Are you one of those who are suffering from skin-related problems? Then, it is obvious that you must have tried a number of products that produce no positive results. In fact, some of you must have gone through all the more problems after using certain products.

It is time that you realize the fact that nothing can beat natural solutions. With this thought in mind, read on to find four herbs that are good for your skin.

This means that whether you are suffering from acne, redness, puffiness, burn or even sun damage, all will be fixed in the most naturalistic manner. You can now say hello to beautiful, gorgeous and glowing skin that you have always wished for.


It is suggested that you use coriander oil as an antimicrobial agent and the good part is that it simply smells great. According to a German study, combining0.5% of coriander oil with lipolotion helps to reduce redness in the skin caused due to excessive heat or sun, thus functioning as an effective anti-inflammatory agent.

Aloe vera

This herbal plant is widely used in curing burns across the world. And now a recent study conducted on 27 participants found out that this miracle plant is extremely effectual in treating partial thickness burns when compared to petroleum jelly and gauze. The average healing time for those treated with aloe vera was 11.89 days. Those treated with Vaseline gauze took 18.19 days to cure.

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In a study conducted by Society for General Microbiology, myrrh, marigold and thyme were tested to see which is the most effective of them all for combating Propionibacterium which is the dreaded bacteria responsible for causing acne.

Even though all the three aided in providing success in curing acnes, it was thyme that emerged as the clear winner. Also, the investigators said that thyme acted as a superior antibacterial alternative as compared to typical concentrations of benzoyl peroxide which is the substance present in almost all acne creams and face washes.

White tea

If you are looking to protect your skin from the sun, white tea might just be the ultimate solution. A study revealed that white tea helps to boost immune function of the skin. Also, it is helps to protect the skin against the effects of the sun. It was also found that white tea helps to fight against wrinkles.

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