Herbs: They are here again!

By Dr Mukesh Paneri

For thousands of years, people have used herbs for medicinal purposes. They are in demand once again to treat illnesses

Jan 13, 2016: They are in demand once again. Suddenly, they are everywhere. In drugstores, health food stores, supermarkets and kitchen shelves. They are the plants with magical names. Names that fill our mouth and sound perfect. No doubt, they enchant when we say litsea chinensis, curcumalonga, bassia latifolia or ficusglomerate.

Yes, they are an important part of human existence. But don’t mistake them as a modern discovery. They healed millions since ancient times. Used for food from prehistoric times, for medicines and as beauty aids, they have been bartered and traded throughout the world for centuries.

Herbs are in demand once again, not only to spice up food and enhance beauty but also as modern day healer, an alternative to drugs and injections. In fact, modern medicine is based on ancient understanding of the properties of herbs and their benefits to humans. Traditional herbal knowledge led to a major advance in modern medicine.

Today, people are buying herbs for culinary usage, for fragrance, for herbal remedies and also for added decoration of flowers.

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