Here’s some herbs that can lower fever

By TNT Bureau

 Aug 1, 2017: Fever is one of the body’s natural healing processes. By heating up, your body can stimulate the immune system to destroy infectious bacteria and viruses. Although it can be uncomfortable, fever should be allowed to do its job in most cases. Suppressing a fever may prolong it, since the body must use other means to overcome the bug.

Luckily, there are certain medicinal herbs that can be used to treat fever.Several herbs have diaphoretic, or sweat-inducing properties. By initiating or increasing perspiration, these herbs rid the body of the toxins, contributing to the illness, and help keep the fever from going too high. Thus, the healing is accomplished and the fever breaks. Have a look at the herbs that can bring down fever.

 Papaya leaves

Raw papaya leaf extract helps boost platelets and, numerous studies have revealed that it helps to eliminate dengue. For dengue:

  • Take few papaya leaves and grind it to a paste.
  • Squeeze the leaves to extract the juice
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of this juice with a small piece of jaggery

Additionally, papaya leaves are also loaded with anti-malarial and anti-cancer properties. People across the globe use papaya extract as a prophylactic to prevent malaria.

According to researchers from Purdue University, papaya leaf contains more than 50 active ingredients. Such ingredients are capable of killing bacteria, worms, fungi and other forms of cancer cells.Papaya leaves are also blessed with nutrients such as vitamins A, C, E that support the immune system.

Giloe or Guduchi

Giloe is one of the most well-known medicinal herbs in ayurveda. It can also help to treat dengue and, has the ability to increase platelets and reduce fever. In ayurveda, it is known as rasayana plant. It helps to improve the overall body resistance and promote longevity.  It has anti-stress and adaptogenic properties.

Giloe is loaded with fibre, potassium and chromium, proteins, carbohydrates, iron and calcium. A number of bio-active components such as tannins, alkaloids, plant steroids and alkaloids have been isolated from different parts of Gilioe. All these contribute to its high antioxidant standing and curative properties. Such components play an important role in reducing cholesterol, blood glucose regulation and anti-diabetic potential.


Tulsi is blessed with a variety of healing properties. Tulsi not only helps to lower fever but also increases oxygen utilisation, prevents gastric ulcers, boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation and fights bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

Tulsi providesamazing preventive and curative potential with regard to many stress-related degenerative disorders. Tulsi has mild hypoglycemic (lowering of blood sugar) and blood thinning properties which must be kept in mind by diabetics and heart patients on medication.

Herbs are considered by many to be safe, because they are natural. However, inappropriate use of some herbs could be dangerous, this includes combining them with prescription medicines or using them to treat serious illness without the help of a professional.

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