Hit the stairs with these exercises to treat chronic pain

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June 1, 2017: According to Murray, a fitness trainer who founded Movement Masterminds, pain that persists over three months, or has been intermittent for six months, is called chronic pain, which should not be ignored. He suggests a series of warm-up exercises to get the entire body ready to walk, run or climb stairs. He says that an average person should take about 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day, compared to 10,000 suggested by health gurus. Murray suggests four exercises to get rid of chronic pain. Stop at any level if the movements increase your pain, he says.

The backward step

Stand with feet side by side. Take a step back with one foot, deliberately hitting first with the toe, then with the sole of the foot and then the heal. The back knee should be straight while the hip is extended. The front leg should be slightly bent. Step back to the start point. Repeat as many times as you feel good. Do the same with the other leg.

According to Murray, a lot of people lack sufficient joint motion in the big toe. This exercise will flex and warm up the toe. You might also feel a hip flex or ankle stretch in your back leg, and some glute and quad heat in the front leg.

Step back, then forward

Stand with feet side by side. Do exercise 1, then take that same foot and move it one step forward, mimicking a walking movement, but with only one foot. Swing the arms naturally. This motion is similar to walking. When the leg goes back, it?s straight at the knee. When it steps forward, it?s bent at the knee and the back leg is straight. Switch legs and repeat.

Step back, sit back, arms forward

Stand with feet side by side. Take a normal?not lunging?step back with one foot and sit back into the hips, knees and ankles, raising the arms up in front of you parallel to the ground, hands pointing to the front to help counterbalance the hips moving back. Keep both feet pointing forward so the knee tracks on the same line. Step back, stand straight. Repeat as many times as feels good. Switch to other leg. This movement involves deeper tissue movement, the body?s mass and some momentum. This exercise also looks like running.

Hit the stairs

Stand on a set of stairs, with one foot on a higher step, one lower. Lean forward from your hips; meanwhile, take the arm on the side of your back leg and reach it across the body, stretching it toward your opposite foot. Straighten up, lean forward again, and reach the arm across your middle body horizontally. Repeat, this time pointing your arm around your body and up to the sky, rotating your body as well as moving forward and back. Switch legs.

Source: Edmonton Journal


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