How ayurveda helps to soothe sore muscles

By TNT Bureau

Sep 22, 2017: You shouldn’t ignore muscle pain and wait for it to get cured on its own. An early treatment may help cure and prevent further progression into arthritis. Popping in pills may offer relief to a certain extent, but will harm the immune system in the long run.

Hence, it is advisable that you opt for natural ayurvedic remedies that will help ease sore muscles in the most effective manner.

Ayurveda as an effective muscle soother

Ayurveda consists of a number of natural means of relief. According to ayurveda, muscle sores signify excess vata energy. Vata qualities include cool, rough, and dry, so you can soothe vata intensified muscle tension with moist heat.

Ayurvedic experts say that taking a hot waterbath by mixing two-third cup of baking soda and a quarter cup of ginger powder helps to relieve muscle sores. The heating properties of ginger increase theblood flow to the muscle and, baking soda eliminates toxins from the skin’s pores.

Another ayurvedic remedy is to gently rub some massage oil, preferably Mahanarayan oil into the muscle, cover it with a towel, and place a hot water bottle on top. This oil is loaded with nearly 30 muscle-soothing herbs such as turmeric, fennel, camphor, and clove. The oil penetrates the skin to loosen taut muscle fibers, whilst the heat from the water bottle encourages muscle release.

Sore muscles are a sign of stagnant chi (energy), according to Chinese medicine. Experts recommend Tiger balm for easing muscle sores. This ayurvedic balm is a mixture of camphor, herbs and menthol, and helps get the energy moving.

In case of general aches, pains, and bruises, you can try out herb arnica. This herb helps to increase circulation and decrease inflammation and swelling. Arnica is obtainable in tablet, pellet, gel, cream, or ointment form. The topical applications usually provide more instant relief.

 Pl note: All the medicines or massages, oils, etc, mentioned in the story, should be taken as per the advice of the doctor.

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