How ayurveda perceives fertility problems

By TNT Bureau

Mar 17, 2017: According to ayurveda, our reproductive health depends on our overall health conditions. As a result, since fertility is the prime function of the reproductive system of the body, it is a natural outcome of the body’s overall wellbeing.

Tridoshas represent the functions of the body, and each dosha has a specific area of responsibility. Any deviation from the physiological state of doshas can manifest in a problem. This is also true for our reproductive health.

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Ojas, the essence of all dhathus (the supporting entities in the body) plays a vital role in maintaining our wellbeing. It provides our immunological and psychological stability. Ojas also plays an important role in pregnancy. The presence of adequate ojas in the couple at the time of copulation has an important role in healthy pregnancy.

Ayurveda says that our modern lifestyle can affect our reproductive health. For instance, unhealthy eating habits like untimely food, excess intake of food, indigestion, too much fried food, refrigerated and reheated food, etc, affect our reproductive system.

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Stress, which has become a part of our modern lifestyle, leads to many health prolems, including fertility problems. Studies have also shown that there is a direct link between stress and metabolic issues with adverse reproductive health.

Ayurveda states that good psychological status is essential for healthy conception, otherwise it affects the quality of sperm and ovum, as well as the status of female reproductive system.

From the status of menstruation, the reproductive health of a female can be stated. Unhealthy lifestyle also causes menstrual disorders. Heavy physical activities like jumping, running, dancing, travelling should be avoided during periods. Suppression urination and defecation may cause negative effect on the menstrual pattern and reproductive health.

Ageing of the couple gets reflected in the quality of gametes. Recurrent infections of the couple may also hinder with fertility. Physical activity—excess or less—can cause adverse fertility outcomes.

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