How can ayurveda help dengue patients?

By TNT Bureau

Mar 2, 2016:  Can patients who suffer from dengue and costly treatment in private hospitals, particularly when they have to endure platelet transfusion, find solutions in ayurveda? Majority of the people are talking about papaya leaf extracts and the immense benefits it has for dengue patients. Is this all true?

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Ayurveda and dengue

Ayurveda experts uphold that the protocols for dengue supervision and its meaning were noticeably given in ayurvedic literature even before the word dengue was coined.

Dengue is known as Pittaja Jvara in ayurveda and there are about 35 ayurvedic medicines that are extremely effectual in dengue management. The dosage, quality as well as composition of these medicines to be directed to patients are clearly distinct in ayurvedic literature.

The vice chair person of Central Council of Indian Medicine or CCIM S. Sarangapani said the main challenge is to find a dependable ayurvedic doctor and not quacks.

Over the recent time, the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences or CCRAS, Ministry of AYUSH, has come up with the list of 35 medicines along with guidelines that the practitioners of ayurveda are required to follow for experimental management of dengue. The AYUSH had recommended prescribing any of the anti-pyeretic formulations for dehydration and fever.

In ayurveda, the illness and its impact on varied parts of the body are not viewed in separation. In contrast, the entire body is viewed as a single unit and a holistic advancement towards curing the illness is seen. So, before you visit any ayurvedic physician,  it is recommended that play your cards safe and choose only the right person for you.

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The role of papaya leaf extract

The ayurvedic experts also support the role of papaya leaf extracts. Papaya is comparatively a new plant and you will find very little details about it in ayurvedic literature.

But, new research in this field has sufficiently revealed its use in managing dengue patients and not actually treating them as a whole. It is important that you keep this difference in mind.

There are researches that have shown that papaya leaf extracts help in increasing blood platelet count among those who suffer from dengue.

The real risk for dengue patients is when their platelet count starts to fall. The dengue virus is recognized to impact the production of blood platelets in a direct and quick manner.

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