How can brown rice help in weight loss?

By TNT Bureau

Jan 2, 2018:  Has weight loss been on your mind since a long period of time? However, as hard as you try, you often discontinue in the middle or something or the other comes up.

In the present time, obesity has emerged as a mounting concern that has already affected a number of people across the globe. So, how can you stay in shape? Eat brown rice and lose weight. Yes, start shopping for brown rice at the earliest and experience effective weight loss.

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Why the stress on brown rice?

Majority of the people particularly those who wish to lose weight do not include rice in their diet. They are of the opinion that eating rice increases the intake of carb thus, slowing down the fat burning process. But, brown rice has minimum calories and most importantly, it is loaded with a number of nutritional benefits.

A half-cup of brown rice consists of about 110 calories along with good amount of protein and fiber. Also, it is loaded with nutrients such as vitamin B6, zinc, magnesium, iron etc.

It is to be remembered that this is no miracle food which will make you slim within a jiffy. You need to eat brown rice and follow healthy eating ways and exercise on a regular basis and this will result in faster and effective weight loss.

Whole Grain benefits

Since this super food is whole grain, it provides a number of dietary benefits as compared to white rice. According to a study which was published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who eat brown rice instead of white rice are more than likely to lose weight in a quick manner.

Brown rice has no cholesterol and is loaded with magnesium which is an important mineral. Thus, when it assists you in losing flab, your body will not be deprived of main nutrients.

Releases sugar into the bloodstream

Consumption of brown rice helps to regulate the levels of blood sugar in the blood stream. This is helpful for both diabetic patients as well as others. Since brown rice helps to release sugar in a gradual manner, your body will be able to process it .This aids in maintenance of insulin production within the body at the preferred levels. Hence, you can keep your diabetes under control by consuming brown rice regularly.

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Low in density

Since brown rice is low in density, it helps to keep your stomach full without filling it with extra calories. The fiber contained in rice is accountable for the low energy density. This means that you will feel full just by consuming small amount of this super food.

Replete with selenium

Selenium is a necessary mineral needed by the body. It helps to boost immune system thereby, protecting the body from a number of ailments. This is vital when you start off with any new diets to lose weight. A number of overweight people feel weak when they start off with an entirely new diet.


You can?t deny the fact that fiber plays an important role in the digestion process and brown rice is filled with it.  Thus, it helps to facilitate bowel movements and aids in eliminating toxins from the body. Also, it is useful in boosting the overall natural metabolism of the body. This is perfect for overweight individuals on a weight loss task.

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