How to eliminate stress this holiday season?

By TNT Bureau

Dec 2, 2015:  The holiday season is just round the corner. Yes, my dear a huge array of work load is coming your way. Be ready to take care of tasks like entertaining your guests, shopping for food and yes not to forget, dealing with peculiar relatives.

Are you already sliding into a headache just by thinking about such responsibilities? It is time to eliminate stress this holiday season and stay happy both physically and mentally.

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5 tips to boost your holiday spirit

Express gratitude as much as you can

According to studies, when you express gratitude it works as a mood enhancer and also aids in accelerating your energy levels. Additionally, being grateful increases motivation and calms stress. Hence, appreciate the beauty around you and welcome each and everyone with open arms.

Take deep breaths

This will help you to relax. You also get to put yourself back together, helping you to focus towards your set goals. It is advisable that you opt for yoga and meditation as these practises aid in ultimate relaxation of mind and body.

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Sleep like a baby

It is important to give your body good rest. It is only then that you can handle responsibilities throughout the holidays in an easy and calm manner. Hence, make sure that you sleep for at least 7-8 hours. You can give your gadgets some rest.

Go for a walk after meals

Just after eating your food, it is suggested that you take a walk. This is ideal to keep you physically fit and mentally active as well.

Laugh and dance all the way

Laughter is indeed one of the best medicines to keep you going. Additionally, you can also dance while doing your chores. Simply put on rocking music and dance away to glory. This is excellent in burning calories and uplifts your mood within a jiffy.

It is to be remembered that holiday season signifies multiplicity of tings- sharing love, wrapping gifts, singing and dancing, running here and there, meeting up a number if relatives and so forth. While all these are important as they come only once a year, it is equally significant to pay attention to your health as well.

Stay away from all kinds of stress and worries and let only happiness stay with you this holiday.

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