How to harness water’s benefits for beautiful hair

Sep 28, 2017: Remember when you were younger and your mother used to nag you about drinking eight glasses of water a day? It turns out that your mother did know best. Staying hydrated has lots of benefits for our body, and these benefits extend to our locks. Here are some essential reasons why it’s crucial that you get the daily recommended amount of H2O every day and how you can harness its benefits for your hair:

For growth

When you’re growing out your hair, it can seem like it’s taking forever. You may experience problems like thinning hair, breakage, or even hair loss. Drinking enough amounts of water every day can counter these problems and encourage growth for your hair. When you’re not sufficiently hydrated, your skin and hair can dry out, which not only makes your skin look dry and dull but also slows down hair growth.

For strong hair

If you’re fond of getting frequent treatments for your hair such as relaxers and coloring treatments, all of that can wreak havoc on your precious locks and make them all the more prone to breakage. Drinking enough water helps circulate proteins and makes the cuticle of your nails and hair stronger. It also ensures that the rest of your body functions are at healthy and normal levels.

For hydration

You already know that water is important for hydration. But you should be aware that you won’t exactly see positive results right away. Remember that the water you drink has to make a lot of stops throughout the rest of your body before it delivers some much-needed hydration to your hair and skin. Water first goes through your intestines, then it absorbs into your bloodstream, and then it is filtered by your kidneys. From there, it goes on to hydrate your cells. But while it might take a while to see results, you can be sure that they will be worth it.

For stopping hair loss

There are many factors that cause hair loss—a poor diet, stress, and, sometimes, mere bad luck in the genetic lottery. But dehydration can also play a major part in why you’ve been shedding hair or experiencing breakage. When your locks are dehydrated—that is, they do not have enough supply of good old H20—they become brittle and prone to breakage.

For shiny locks

Water brings benefits not only on the inside but also on the outside. If you want to have shiny hair, showering in cold water can help. The extremely cold temperature will shrink your hair’s cuticle layers so your locks are flatter and smoother and will reflect light more.

When showering, you need to take note of how chemically strong your water is—that is, whether it is full of hard minerals. If it is, you’d be better off installing a filter on your showerhead. Try it, and your hair will thank you for it. Filtering your shower water will rid it of the mineral salts that make your locks rough and tangle-prone. When you wash your hair with filtered water, your hair can become softer and more manageable.

Water indeed works wonders, but you also need more than that to transform your hair. First of all, you’d need to change your diet. You can’t build strong, shiny, gorgeous hair on a diet that’s built on diet soda and processed foods. Eat healthy, organic food, especially those that are good sources of proteins like lean poultry, grass-fed beef, lean pork, avocados, salmon, and walnuts.

You will also need to rethink your beauty routine. Go for gentle products such as shampoos and conditioners that don’t have harsh chemicals. Also, tone down the heat styling and chemical treatments as all of that will greatly damage your locks. As an alternative, try extensions from Human Hair Extension Online. Through extensions, you can instantly have gorgeous hair.

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