How to tame kapha dosha

By TNT Bureau

June 19, 2017: Kapha dosha is dominated with water and earth elements. Like these elements, kapha person tends to be cool, moist, stable and heavy. In the body these qualities manifest as dense, heavy bones, lustrous, supple skin, low metabolism, and large, stocky frames. When out of balance, kapha individuals are prone to gaining weight and tend to have weaknesses in their lungs and sinuses where there is an accumulation of mucous. Those with Kapha nature are prone to non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. The elements of water and earth also reflect in the personality.

The heavy, stable nature of Kapha dosha reflects in a stable personality, which is not prone to quick fluctuations. Those with a Kapha nature handle stress very well. They don’t like change, are generally conservative and would prefer to keep things just the way they are. Those with a Kapha nature are also comfort seekers. This relates to the soft watery nature of kapha. In order to bring balance to a Kapha nature the opposing qualities of lightness, dryness and warmth are recommended. These qualities are integrated in dietary and herbal programs as well as aroma and color therapies, detoxification, yoga and meditation.

Tips for balancing kapha dosha

  • Grains such as quinoa and amaranth are recommended
  • Hot spices like cayenne pepper are recommended
  • Lots of vegetables and very little nuts or dairy are prescribed
  • Cleansing herbs like guggul and pungents like clove bring balance to Kapha
  • Eat foods that are light, dry, warm, pungent, astringent and bitter
  • Reduce foods that are sweet, sour, salty, heavy, cold and oily
  • Do not overeat but do not skip meals either
  • Kapha types are steady and slow, so the key to balance is activity and variety
  • Exercise regularly preferably every day
  • Avoid excessive rest and oversleeping
  • Enjoy the benefits of a dry massage with a loofah sponge or raw silk gloves to stimulate the circulation
  • Enjoy variety in life, and seek the stimulation of new sights, sounds, and people
  • Stimulate the digestion by eating a little fresh ginger before meals
  • Stay warm in cold, damp weather.
  • Early to bed and early to rise can help balance rest and activity
  • Raw honey is the one sweetener that is beneficial for Kaphas, but in moderation not more than two tablespoon per day

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