If you hate oil on your body, go for this oil-free ayurveda massage

By TNT Bureau

Mar 10, 2017: Ayurveda recommends many kinds of massages to heal different ailments and provide overall relaxation to the body and mind. Abhyangam is a traditional ayurveda oil massage, which rejuvenates the body. But you can go for oil-free Ayurveda massages as well.

Ayuveda offer many types of oil-free massages that are done with several types of kizhis—herbal concoctions tied in cloth bolus. These kizhis are used during massage to heal many health issues. One such oil-free massage is called Navara kizhi.

What is Navara Kizhi?

Navara kizhi, also known as Shashtika Shali Pinda Sweda, is a type of ayurvedic massage that provides strength to muscles and boosts energy. A special type of brown rice is cooked with milk and herbs, with which kizhis are prepared and used during the massage. The bolus or potlis are rubbed on the body to generate heat and provide relief to stiff and swollen muscles. It is a treatment to induce sweat, yet it is called massage because sweating is produced by massaging.

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Swedana or fomentation (sweat inducing treatments, steaming treatment) is a ayurvedic treatment which provides relief in pain, swelling and stiffness associated with many diseases, especially in rheumatological conditions.

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In this process Shashti rice (a special type of rice harvested in 60 days) is used which is processed in herbal decoctions and milk tied in a bolus. It gives nutrition to the tissues that are undergoing depletion and degeneration.

Benefits of Navara Kizhi

Navara kizhi promotes the peripheral vascular circulation, and stimulates the nerve endings in the periphery. It restores vitality and enthusiasm, and stimulates the brain cells by reverse stimulation method. It also gives strength to the muscles, and activates the peripheral nervous system. It also improves the skin and blood circulation. It induces good sleep and reduces stress. Hence, it is an ideal treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, myalgia and lower back pain.

In conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, where use of oil on the body is not allowed, milk and herb concoction is an ideal alternative. Navara kizhi also pacifies all the three doshas—Vata, Pitta and Raktha.

Who should not opt for Navara Kizhi

If you suffer from fractures or severe inflammations, this massage should be avoided. People with high blood pressure and diabetes may consult a doctor before taking the massage.

Note: Do consult an expert or your doctor before taking this massage. Navara Kizhi should be done only by an expert/professional

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