Is digital addiction a world health issue?

By TNT Bureau

July 18, 2017: There is simply no doubt that the internet has opened up many opportunities for us but then, digital addiction is emerging as a world health issue.

According to the psychiatric department digital addiction is not listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. This is the standard categorization of mental problems used by mental health professionals in America.

However, in an appendix internet gaming addiction was included as a mental state that required scientific research and knowledge prior to considering it as a disorder to be included in the main list.

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Are you a digital addict?

The best way to test your digital addiction is by answering the following 3   questions

  • Can you do without internet for an entire week?
  • Do you think you are using too much internet but still can?t help it?
  • Have you faced any troubles at work duet to digital use?

So, did you nod your head once, twice or thrice? Well, internet is an addictive drug. It is slowing emerging as methamphetamine or cocaine and destroying family life and career.

According to a recent survey, 1 in every 7 people has considered divorce due to their partner?s excessive internet activities. In shocking news from China, a teenager who had fled from home 10 years ago was found in an internet café playing video games throughout day and night.

However, for majority of us, if the internet is an addiction, it must be similar to fast food or sugary beverages. It?s something that maybe we don?t require banning but something that is obtainable almost everywhere, but something we should only enjoy in restraint, in case its overuse hampers us and our wellbeing.

So, what are the options we have at hand? Either, we use the internet less or even more. If people are captivated by digital technology the way they?re obsessed to Big Macs, Oreo or Diet Coke, others don?t have any business to point fingers at such people. We know that fanatically checking Facebook isn?t good for us in the same way that a stable diet of excessive sugar, oil and salt is not good either.

Hence, in the same manner what we eat and what we click on to and for how many times a day is a personal choice. It is a fact that overeating or excessive drinking might lead to an early death but the penalties for most people discontinue when waist begins to expand or when they feel a burning sensation in the heart.

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Can we limit the deadly consequences of internet addiction?

Within the boundaries of the law we as grownups can do what we choose, whether we should overeat unhealthy foods or overspend our time on the internet. At the end of it all, it should be remembered that everything is on our hands. When a person has a strong will to discontinue using the internet or limit its use, he/she will definitely do it.

Hence, it will be seen that while some people will get heavily drenched by internet addiction, others will experience some decline in their health, career, personal relationships and family life.

A whole bunch of things are at a risk here. Detachment from a loved one just because of internet addiction may seem shocking but it is happening across the world. It is in such as scenario that digital addiction can sooner or later be recognized as a medical condition.

Digital addiction is indeed a world health issue and can?t be ignored. So, will our healthcare cost drop if we start looking after our family or work rather than our smart phones?

As said earlier, everything is in our hands.  It is highly advisable that people should at least start to reduce using the internet and shift their focus on other activities such as exercise or reading a book.

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