It is time to find inner peace with rage yoga

By TNT Bureau

July 13, 2017: Along with an established variety of yoga classes specially crafted for the over-stressed people, YourTango has come up with rage yoga, a rather form of yoga.

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Rage is the new trend

A number of people are into yoga these days as it is something worth attaining. Also, there are numerous types of yoga. Beside the traditional ones such as Hatha, Kundalini and Bikram, a number of new yogic forms such as curvy yoga, hot yoga and power yoga have also come up.

And now there is rage yoga. Instead of a tranquil environment inclusive with candles in a light-filled room, this angry type of yoga takes place at Dicken’s Pub in Calgary, Alberta.

Rage Yoga is mostly about heavy metal. You just can’t expect gentle sounds of some waterfall or tinkling of bells.

The founder of rage Yoga Lindsay Istace said that this yoga is all about positional exercises, bad humor and stretching. The aim of this yoga is to attain good health and also gain inner peace.

Rage yoga is somewhat based on Vinyasa Yoga and permits a practitioner to obtain all emotions out by making rude gestures, stretching and even cursing. You actually get to relieve your tensions and worries away by flipping the bird, rocking out to Metallica and Black Sabbath and/or by screaming profanities.

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Something new is always needed

Initially, Istace founded rage yoga as a method to alter the culture of conventional yoga to be a better fit for her.

She said that she is a loud and a colorful personality and wished to introduce an entirely new form of yoga that she felt comfortable doing. Interestingly, she founded rage yoga post her breakup.

She further said that when we make space for ourselves to get angry and shout and scream, all of a sudden it tends to become difficult to become the person we are in a serious manner. And at the end of it all, anger vanishes into thin hair and there is smile and happiness all over.

There are some people who opined that rage yoga cannot qualify as a real yoga. However such statements have no effects on Istace whatsoever.

She went on to say that everyone has their own personal opinions and such things didn’t seem to bother her at all.

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