It is time to toughen your game with boxing yoga

By TNT Bureau

July 12. 2017: Boxers are indeed recognized for their toughness; however, many of them dread about one thing which is yoga. This is where boxing yoga comes to the forefront as an ultimate guide for boxers to incorporate the robustness of yoga and reap great deal of health benefits.

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What is boxing yoga?

Boxing yoga is a blend of traditional yoga poses and boxing drills. It is a new fitness iteration that is hopeful of attracting more macho spectators, who will definitely benefit from some additional core building, stretching as well as calmness to go with it.

It is here that you will come across exercises that are recognizable to practitioners of both sports. Deep breathing exercises, sun salutations and punching that morph into fighting asanas with your fists compresses as you swing left and jab right.

Planks are carried out balanced on knuckles that lay stress on elongating your calf muscles that tend to get shortened in southpaw posture.

You will see some practitioners wearing boxing gloves while others prefer wraps on their bare hands. Whilst the melding of such practices may not sound natural at all, however the sequencing flows quite flawlessly.

Moreover the classes cater to all levels for instance, deck jockeys will profit from the shoulder opening drills that aid in straightening backs rounded from typing throughout the day.

Boxing yoga provides a lesson helpful for any sportsperson, whether dancers, swimmers or fighters and that lesson is none other than mindfulness.

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An important throwback

Boxing yoga started in the year in 2011 in England as partnership between boxing coach Matt Garcia and fitness trainer and former ballerina Kajza Ekberg.

Having opened a north London boutique boxing gym, Garcia was in a lookout for ways to develop the flexibility of the boxers while reducing injuries.

With the assistance from Ekberg, they went on to select some effective yoga poses known to strengthen and lengthen the body. Yoga for Tough Guys is the slogan that they have come up with.

With 21 studios all over England and 1 in Berlin, the popularity for boxing yoga classes went up so high that the duo ended up establishing the Boxing Yoga Coaches Association in 2015.

At present, there are 100 trained coaches that teach boxing yoga in the US, Ireland, Israel and Netherlands.

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