Japan promoting its health products ‘big time’ in Asia

By TNT Bureau

Feb 25, 2016: In the current time, Hisamitsu a Japanese pharmaceutical company is has been marketing its health products to Myanmar and is actually promoting the products in a rather aggressive manner.

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Patch for fever

The product is a cooling gel Patch which is rumored to remove off fever. Yes, the doctors at Myitta clinic in Yangon are now suggesting the cooling gel Patch for those who suffer from fever.

One of the doctors from the clinic Dr Hla Myo Naing said that the product is useful for fever. Patients use wet towels on their and arm pits and foreheads to reduce fever in Myanmar. However, this is not simple to apply and may worsen the fever if done in a proper manner particularly for children.

This is the reason as to why Naing recommends the cooling gel Patch. He says that it is simple to apply and smells good too. The cooling effects stay for about 10 hours and to top it all, the Patch can also be used for joint pain and headache.

The fresh political alterations in Myanmar have signaled a new market for imported products. Amongst these, the cooling Patch which is known as Bye Bye Fever is one of the most recent healthcare product to be introduced in the Asian market.

Thein Htike of Star Pharmacy stated that Bye Bye Fever began importing to Myanmar around October 2015. We just can?t rely on wet towels all the time.

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Bye Bye Fever

The local stores have started to keep the product Bye Bye Fever for sale and these products are being imported directly from Japan. It is being said that the healthcare product is creating benefits for the patients in Myanmar.

Myat Su Hlaing Tun from Mingalar pharmacy said that he suggests the product for patients suffering from fever as the effects continues for ten hours and can also be attached to the forehead and most importantly, it can reused by simply storing the product in the fridge.

The president of Japanese bulk industry Inc Hideki Amano said that this is known as high pressure oxygen room where the atmosphere pressure about 1.3 times higher. Next, the oxygen in the air infuses blood within the body much more than customary. This results in refreshing effect.

It also helps in the removal of lactic acid build-up within the muscles so that the patients can be healthier and lively by this room. It is trouble-free to experience the calming effect of this room.

The patients simply need to get in and the operator shuts the door in a proper manner while turning on the machine.

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